A Month to Remember

What a month this has been! It began with a doctor casually telling me that I had tumors in my liver and problems with my pancreas! And then he added that I have a “spot” on my lung. Throughout the month of testing and appointments, poking and prodding, wondering and praying, I finally found out […]

Waiting…for my girl to have her girl.

Yesterday, my daughter went into labor a week early—for eight long hours and then it stopped! When she got home and updated me, she was admittedly disappointed, yet she was strong in her faith and secure in His peace. How proud I am of her—as a mom, as a wife, as a daughter, and as […]

Authors & Friends

I take great joy in making sure he knows that he is loved—everyday—by God and by me. I count it as a blessing to walk through life with him—through the joys and through the challenges. And because God is the center of our marriage, I find strength and joy in the Lord, no matter what […]

Easter Joy

“He is risen!” “He is risen, indeed,” I hear you say. Just days after the annual Easter celebration, my heart still rings with the songs of worship and joy, and my mind still ponders the reality of what happened two millennia ago. Again I am reminded that the resurrection was a really big deal! It’s […]

How does it look through your eyes?

The viewpoints of a man and a woman are usually very, very different. Add to that personalities and life experiences that shape those viewpoints, and there’s potential of conflict, to say the least. Then add to that, kids and their viewpoints, and it can get pretty dicey. Looking at how the other sees things can […]

At Your Service

Dale and I have enjoyed lots of ministry opportunities together—missions trips, greeting at church, teaching in children’s church, and much more. Getting involved in ministry is a great way for married—or engaged—couples to grow together in your faith. Your church likely has many opportunities to serve both there as well as in your local community. […]

Happy Birthday Blog

I plan on making this a “Prepare for the Adventure” blog, one based on finding God’s joy in the midst of preparing for the adventure of life in marriage or remarriage, parenting and grandparenting, writing, and even the many transitions of life. I hope you like it. On Twitter, I want to provide my followers […]